The cat's actions is introduced


Different species and individual cat has its corresponding varieties or individual characteristics, but the cat as an animal, it's typical behavior characteristic is: smart, character lonely, selfish and jealous.


Smart cat, high IQ. The cat can quickly adapt to the living environment, and can use the equipment life, such as the proper use of the potty, open and close the water fountain, distinguish human likes and dislikes, and even can see some things happen, such as master to go out, and so on and so forth. These characteristics of cats, is due to a cat's brain hemisphere well developed, the cerebral cortex development better. Kitten before 5 months depends on the mother cat and the host's help, is due to the kitten's brain has not yet been fully developed. While an adult cat memory is extremely strong, have been to a hospital after an injection, to very tense; A few tens of kilometers distance back home are very common, the cat can feeling certain natural phenomena, such as earthquakes. Lonely cat independence is strong, nature is the cat formed in the long process of evolution, the characteristics of wild cats in the nature of individual activities, only in the breeding season, male female cat to get together. Cats, therefore, to keep the nature, paranoid and lonely, and like to establish their own activities in the area of the residence environment domain, do not welcome other cats into. After mother cats and baby cats, can the independent feeding kittens and not rely too much on the host. Cat's habit, decided the cats like to an activity, not willing to do what you don't like, against compulsive behavior.




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