Take you understand the basic behavior of birds in a minute


Want to make good friends with the birds, let the bird like you, must try to understand it, know it all.


Know all kinds of birds, human beings are all follow the rule of the common behavior and words. Birds behavior of these genes has been deeply embedded in the moral law of eternal, even if the work, together with human behavior rule will not change. These behavior rules for birds unique body structure, play a strong role, is also the foundation of birds psychological pattern.


Begin by watch birds behavior parrot psychological understanding!!!! Then, you must be able to find a way to let a bird more happiness.


Basic behavior and psychology of birds



The basic behavior of birds as described below.


1. In the group will have a sense of security


2. Individualists thoroughly


3. The timid (easy to feel nervous)


4. What happened when they run away


5. Through voice and body language to convey ideas


6. Even if the varieties of the same, that behavior will be the same; The similar size, dietary habits and body will have similar patterns of behavior.


Most birds are social life, however, nature and social life of the dog or the Wolf is not phase division. Take group living dog, must know every member of the group within, to take human as an example, the people who live in the countryside will know each other, very close to the neighbor's. Birds, however, the relationship between the group members like urbanite, don't know who lived next door. Birds individualism consciousness strongly, don't care who has moved away from death or in groups. Birds of the social life mode, with changes in probability of high building community residents is very similar.


Although the birds indifference to others, but he like dogs don't like being alone. When he found alone, will feel uncomfortable. As long as find the same partner, can let the bird eliminate insecurity; If you can't find the same company, as long as there is the presence of humans or other animals, also can reduce the unease. If the bird has been unable to eliminate insecurity or loneliness, get heart disease, this is very similar to the dog.



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